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Whereby – Simplifying Video Conferencing

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When it comes to hosting remote video calls, I always rely on Whereby as my go-to tool. It’s a video conferencing tool that is user-friendly and straightforward. I discovered Whereby in 2020 while working with a startup exploring the video space.

While there are many other video conferencing apps out there, such as Macro, mmhmm, and Around, there was something about Whereby that stood out to me. Despite its appearance, Whereby is not new to the game. It was founded in 2013 under the name appear.in.

After my initial experience with Whereby, I had to switch to other tools like Zoom and Google Meet due to my professional endeavors. However, when I returned to the indie world, I decided to give Whereby another chance and it stuck.

Meetings Aren’t Novel

As someone who grew up with Skype in the early 2000s, I witnessed the evolution of internet calls from audio-only to video. However, the remote culture was not prominent during those years.

In recent years, there has been an influx of startups trying to reinvent the meeting experience. They introduced features like avatars, virtual office spaces, and tools for increased productivity. However, many of these attempts felt forced and didn’t address the fundamental issues of video calls.

People simply want a simple way to have a meeting. In my personal experience, I prioritize showing up on time, minimizing the time spent on meetings, and avoiding technical issues. Whereby excels in these aspects.

The Power of Simplicity

What sets Whereby apart is its simplicity. Unlike other video conferencing tools, Whereby doesn’t require a desktop client or signing up to join a call. It offers stable and smooth calls without any complications.

Whereby’s interface is minimalistic, allowing for easy navigation and a seamless meeting experience. It focuses on the core communication aspect, without overwhelming users with unnecessary features. This simplicity is what makes Whereby stand out.

It’s reminiscent of the early days of phones, where the primary function was to make phone calls. Today’s smartphones may have many advanced features, but the sound quality of basic phones for phone calls remains superior.

Whereby is like the “dumb meeting tool” that prioritizes effective communication over fancy features. It understands the importance of clear visuals, audio, and uninterrupted collaboration. Whereby offers essential tools that enhance collaboration without being overwhelming.

Built for the Modern Era

Compared to other video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet, Whereby provides a distinct experience. It was designed for deep, focused collaboration rather than effusive, demonstrative feedback. Whereby’s various integrations, such as Miro and Trello boards, make collaboration seamless and hassle-free.

Whereby also appeals to a wider audience beyond the tech industry. Its lightweight nature and user-friendly interface make it suitable for therapists, doctor clinics, meetups, and academic institutions. Additionally, its HIPAA compliance makes it a secure option for healthcare companies.

One potential downside of simplicity is that it can be easily exploited. Whereby, like other popular platforms, has faced issues with users engaging in inappropriate behavior. Maintaining a balance between simplicity and security is crucial for any product or service.

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