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Adobe’s Firefly Generative AI Tools Now Accessible to a Broad Audience

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Adobe has announced that its Firefly generative AI model is now commercially available across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud. The Firefly-powered workflows, such as Illustrator’s vector recoloring, Express text-to-image effects, and Photoshop’s Generative Fill tools, are now generally available to most users. However, there are some regional restrictions in countries with strict AI laws. Adobe is also launching a standalone Firefly web app where users can explore its generative capabilities without subscribing to specific Adobe Creative Suite applications. It will be included in a paid Creative Cloud subscription plan.

A GIF demonstrating the new Generative Expand feature in Adobe’s Photoshop beta.

Photoshop’s Firefly-powered Generative Fill tool proved to be especially popular when it hit beta earlier this year.Image: Adobe

Adobe Firefly for Enterprise is also now available, which may be of interest to businesses looking for a commercially safe generative AI model. Firefly was trained on Adobe Stock and public domain content, which is no longer subject to copyright. Additionally, Adobe is developing ways for customers to customize Firefly models with their own assets for generating custom content specific to their brand.

All Firefly-generated content includes Content Credentials, a digital “nutrition label” that attaches attribution metadata and identifies an image as being AI-generated. The label provides information about the asset’s name, creation date, tools used, and any edits made. Adobe is one of 15 companies that have pledged to develop technology that identifies AI-generated images and promotes responsible use of generative AI.

A graphic made using Adobe Express.

Firefly in Adobe Express allows users to generate text art or images from text prompts that’s commercially safe to use for businesses.Image: Adobe

To manage the compute demand and costs associated with generative AI, Adobe is introducing a credit-based system. Users can exchange credits to access the fastest Firefly-powered workflows. The Firefly web app, Express Premium, and Creative Cloud paid plans will include a monthly allocation of Generative Credits, with all-app Creative Cloud subscribers receiving 1,000 credits per month.

Users can still generate Firefly content if they exceed their credit limit, but the experience will be slower. Free plans for supported apps will also include a credit allocation, but this will require customers to purchase additional credits if they are used up before the monthly reset. Customers can buy additional Firefly Generative Credit subscription packs starting at $4.99.

Adobe is also introducing an annual bonus scheme for Adobe Stock contributors who allow their stock submissions to be used to train Adobe’s AI models. The payout, which will vary by contributor, will be paid on top of existing stock royalties payments. This scheme may help ease tensions between Adobe and creatives who want compensation for AI being trained on their work.

Adobe has not announced the launch date of the Stock Contributor Bonus scheme, but it may address concerns raised in copyright disputes between AI providers and creatives whose work is used to train AI models without consent.

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