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Binance forms a significant partnership with WordPress

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  • WordPress has partnered with Binance to accept Binance Pay for e-commerce payments, after the initial integration of Binance Pay on the platform. This integration allows users to pay with over 70 different cryptocurrencies. The new partnership has received positive feedback on Twitter.

Binance Pay, created by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, aims to provide a borderless payment solution for accepting and making payments with family and friends. The technology is now integrated into WordPress as WooCommerce Binance Pay. This collaboration serves the purpose of facilitating seamless payment transactions.

The Ability to Receive Cryptocurrency Payments on WordPress Stores

CRYPTONEWSBYTES.COM buy_cryptocurrency_at_Binance_using_Visa_MasterCard Binance Strikes Huge Partnership with WordPress

A common challenge in the cryptocurrency industry is the ability to use cryptocurrencies for payments. While many individuals can trade and profit from cryptocurrencies, using them for transactions is often problematic, especially for large e-commerce institutions. Binance has identified this issue and aims to address it by providing a gateway for businesses and e-commerce stores to accept crypto payments. Binance Pay allows users from around the world to make payments without needing a debit card, only their connected wallet. This integration opens up new opportunities for WordPress stores to tap into the market of crypto enthusiasts.


Binance has reintroduced its Binance Pay service to WordPress, enabling shops to accept over 70 cryptocurrencies as a payment option. This secure and convenient solution benefits both customers and businesses.

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